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MECSol development was born from a challenge proposed at a Solid Mechanics class from University of Aveiro and supported by GRIDS Research Group. Developed by Mechanical Engineering students, this application aims to aid on Solid Mechanics study.

Solve multiple stress/strain analysis problems performing all the routine calculations, with ease of use interface and simple result presentation.

This application was designed to be an educational tool only, with the purpose of aiding Solid Mechanics study.
No responsibility is held for its misuse or the correctness of the displayed data.

The best way to validate your results.

  • Stress/Strain Analisys
  • Main Stresses/Strains
  • Hidrostatic Tensors
  • Octahedral Stress/Strain
  • Axes Rotation
  • Constitutive Laws
  • 2D and 3D Calculation
  • Mohr's Circle Graphical Representation
  • Navigation Drawer with profile selection
  • Store/Load values between screens

Changelog (v1.5):
  • Added uniaxial tension and compression states calculation.
  • Minor bug fixes and optimizations.

Changelog (v1.4.1):
  • Added tablet support.
  • Minor bug fixes and optimizations.

Changelog (v1.3):
  • Added Shear Modulus, Bulk Modulus and Lamé's first parameter to Constitutive Laws screen.
  • Minor bug fixes and optimizations.

Changelog (v1.2):
  • Added Von Mises' Stress to stress analisys screen.
  • Added maximum shear stresses to main stresses screen.
  • Interface text changed to show subscript for variables.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Changelog (v1.1.1):
  • Bug fixes and optimizations.

Changelog (v1.1):
  • Navigation drawer with profile selection - Navigation between screens made easier, selecting between stress or strain.
  • Store/Load functionality - It is now possible to copy and paste values between screens.
  • Feedback system implementation.
  • Bug fixes and optimizations.

More features coming soon.

Android 4.1+
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GRIDS Research Group
Universidade de Aveiro
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